Total Clarity On 'Spyder' Rumours

By - June 30, 2017 - 07:31 PM IST

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For a long time, any topic related to the movie Spyder had to do with superstar Mahesh Babu’s role and the visual effects. But now, the topic is focusing only on when will the film actually arrive. Already, the film has been postponed quite a few times keeping the fans in disarray.

The last news that came was the film was locked for release on September 27th but once again new talk began to make rounds that this date would not work out. Some have also mentioned the film would be hitting in the month of December to target the Christmas time.

But now, total clarity has come on the rumours from the makers themselves. They have made it clear that the film would arrive as announced on September 27th and there are no two words about it. If that be true, it is going to be a tight Dussehra for Tollywood because other biggies are also in the same slot.

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