Young Hero's Remuneration Secret

By - July 04, 2017 - 12:36 PM IST

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Your success and its frequency decide your market position as a hero and once the slab is set, offers being knocking your door accordingly. And if you keep scoring hits consistently it spikes up your remuneration graph as well. But all this requires proper groundwork and judgement of scripts.

Currently, many producers are reportedly flocking one young star. He is none other than the vibrant hero Nikhil Siddhartha. It is being noticed that Nikhil is choosing offbeat scripts and ensuring the film is made in tight budgets. As a result, the revenue and profits margin has become large.
Looking at this, many producers are vying to grab Nikhil’s call sheet and are not hesitating to offer some fancy price as remuneration to him. As per latest reports, Nikhil is now being offered a whopping Rs 2.25 crores plus a luxury car for his next. Now you know the secret behind his remuneration spike.

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