South Indian Directors Behind These Two Rich Men

By - July 04, 2017 - 12:16 PM IST

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The very backbone of the entertainment industry relies on the financial stamina and that is provided only by the producers. Despite the fact that the business of cinema is quite challenging, there are those gutsy men who take the plunge purely out of passion than business.

Lately, two men have become hot properties among the south Indian directors. First in that list is Sachiin Joshi, the Gutkha Baron who has also been seen as a hero in few movies. He has been quite benevolent when it comes to making movies and there is no exaggeration when we say he has been responsible for the livelihood of many families belonging to the industry.

The second person is Nikhil Gowda, son of former CM of Karnataka, Kumaraswamy who has newly entered the circuit. Reports reveal many directors are flocking them with stories. It doesn’t matter how many successful heroes are there, the cinema industry revolves around money and it is a blessing for the industry that men like these have entered the circuit to create a difference. Here’s wishing Sachiin and Nikhil the best of success!

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