Hero Becomes Heroine's Mentor

By - July 05, 2017 - 03:41 PM IST

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You don’t get much time to cement your position in the film industry as an actor or actress so your first steps need to be done with proper planning and guidance. There are many in the cinema circuit who have got mentors and Godfathers and it is always better to have one.

Normally it is the experienced and wise folks who become mentors but now we hear that one hero has become the mentor for his co-star who is also a heroine. They have acted together in few movies and these days, a new pattern is being observed.

Whenever the heroine gets an offer from someone she guides them to that hero for narration. She will sign the project only if the hero has said yes to it. This is leading to gossip that they are living together and they have a relationship as well. Very soon they are going to come together in a new movie which is being helmed by a big director.

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