What's Making Prabhas So Magnetic?

By - July 05, 2017 - 05:57 PM IST

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The success you get as a hero may get you some fan following but you start getting the real admiration and worshipping when you get that aura. There are very few stars who have that charisma and aura and lately another young hero has joined that big league.

He is none other than young rebel star Prabhas. The magnum opus Baahubali has done the magic and some of them are wondering why he has become so magnetic. It is majorly due to his characterization and life he gave for the role of Amarendra Bahubali. Everyone travelled with this character and experienced every emotion that character felt.

This has created a very strong bond between the audience and Prabhas. The impact is so strong that even other film celebrities are showing their open admiration to Prabhas and his performance. The icing on the cake is, some of the big names in Bollywood are becoming Prabhas’s fans.

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