'Goutham Nanda' Surprises!

By - July 17, 2017 - 12:52 PM IST

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The moment you start hearing about a film getting delayed constantly and the vibe is not that great you feel the film may fizzle out as soon as it arrives. However, when the makers know what they are doing the delays don’t really matter. It is happening now with one film.

Aggressive star Gopichand who has been going through a lean patch is now arriving with his movie Goutahm Nanda and the first trailer has come out. Those who have seen it are in for a major surprise because it has scored marks in every department.

The production values are rich, the visuals are grand, the energy levels are awesome and of course the glamour quotient is mind boggling. It is once again clear that director Sampath Nandi has cooked a proper masala potboiler and this could well be the bounce back vehicle for Gopichand.