MAA Association Joins With Kalamandir

By - July 17, 2017 - 11:29 AM IST

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For a long time the Movie Artists Association (MAA) was doing a behind the screen activity ensuring Tollywood runs smooth but in the recent past they are coming to the forefront with various initiatives. The latest threat facing Tollywood is the drug menace.

As a result, MAA has begun taking some steps and as part of that they have now teamed up with Kalamandir Foundation. Together, they are going to organize an anti drug rally and the date has been fixed as July 23rd. The entire film industry is going to participate in this rally.

The purpose of this rally is to spread awareness against using and peddling of drugs. This initiative is already garnering a positive response as many want to be a part of it. Kalamandir group has always associated with Tollywood on various platforms and delivered a very positive impact so this is yet another contribution.

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