Flop Heroine Popular With Hit Controversy

By - July 18, 2017 - 10:02 AM IST

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In case your career is not going well in the entertainment industry the best way for you to grab attention is target someone or something which is popular. You might get retaliations and strong resistance but in this industry even negative publicity is publicity.

Perhaps that was the strategy behind a flop heroine’s post on her social media profile. Her name is Manasa Himavarsha and most of you would have forgotten her but she was seen in movies like Romance and the recent Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor.

Her post citing she is glad she didn’t become part of the reality show Bigg Boss drew a lot of flak. She got lambasted by fans of young tiger Jr NTR. Of course, Manasa clarified the intent behind her post. In the bargain, she got some solid popularity due to this hit controversy. Let us see if this fetches her some offers then.

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