Dil Raju's Bumper Offer For Her

By - July 17, 2017 - 06:41 PM IST

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Being a producer doesn’t mean you splurge money and ensure your films come out grandly, you need to have the right sensibilities to judge a script, the right business acumen to sell it with decent margins and the smartness to promote your product strongly.

Dil Raju is one man who has all these qualities and he also has another specialty, offering package deals and grabbing talented artists. This time, it is heard that Dil Raju has given a bumper offer to the natural cutie Sai Pallavi and roped her for a three film deal.

It is known that Sai Pallavi is currently doing Fidaa under Dil Raju’s banner and next she would be doing MCA with Natural Star Nani. Buzz is that Dil Raju has given her a single payment for all the three movies and those who heard this are saying he has devised a very nice strategy.

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