Big Star Becomes Abhimanyu!

By - July 17, 2017 - 01:47 PM IST

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Most of you would be familiar with the grand epic Mahabharata and you would also be well aware of the young warrior Abhimanyu who fought the mighty Kauravas and other forces singlehandedly. Now, one big star is being called as Abhimanyu in the Tamil Nadu region.

He is none other than Universal star Kamal Haasan. It is known that Kamal has been coming up with some sensational statements and tweets which have gone against the local government and other issues. This time again, he is being attacked by women organizations and the local ruling party.

Despite all the pressure and chaos, Kamal is not leaving his stand and is maintaining that he would continue to voice his opinions without any ambiguity. Currently, he is at loggerheads with National Commission For Women regarding his statement on an actress. It would be interesting to how the outcome of this battle will be.