Director Releases Working Stills After PW

By - August 13, 2017 - 01:55 PM IST

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When a film is under shooting you tend to come across the working stills across various websites and other platforms. While this gives you a realistic view of what happens behind the screens, there are also those who prefer to make this as filmy as possible.
The Filmnagar folks are talking about one director who seems to be quite obsessed with his looks. It is heard that when his movie is in shooting and the working stills are to be released he makes it a point to go through them and use some technology.
Well, he ensures that the stills are processed using complete photoshop work and he looks in the most glamorous way possible. He doesn't allow the release of these stills unless everything is done completely. This does sound ridiculous but you do come across such specimens in the cine industry.  

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