Bigg Boss Seriously Wants Kisses

By - August 13, 2017 - 11:11 AM IST

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Among the many TV shows that are happening currently in the small screen circuit the most talked about is ‘Bigg Boss’ and though it started off at a sluggish pace it has picked up decently. But then if this show has to become successful then few permutations have to be made.
The experts feel bringing in pretty girls and having some kissing scenes would heat up the episodes and increase the TRPs or else sustenance would be tough. So far only 25 days of the show have passed out of the total of 75 days and it is obvious that people need new excitement and masala.
Buzz is that the organisers are looking at introducing some hotties in the circuit and spike the dose. Already Deeksha Panth is there and she is doing her best but the experts feel few additional hotties would do the needful. Sources say the organisers will soon be introducing a heroine who was part of a hit movie as a wild card entry. Get set for some spicy stuff folks!

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