Sr Director About TV Serials

By - August 14, 2017 - 11:35 AM IST

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Senior Directors are now seriously focusing on working on TV serials. This phenomenon is something that keeps the creative juices flow for quite a long time unlike film making. 
Shiva Nageshwara Rao is one film maker who is now making "Ma Inti Mahalakshmi", a serial for MAA. When asked about which is easier between film making a TV serial making, he replied, "Film making is very easier in comparison". 
He added saying, "The screenplay of film is different and it has no match with TV serial. Film needs an interesting opening, sustaining narration, interval bang and more engaging second half and a gripping climax. But TV serial is different. Every episode which lasts for 22 minutes needs an interesting opening, mid way bang and a twist or tension in the end. So, the writer and director have to toil a lot on this". 
That's a fundamental for TV serial aspirants to learn from his words. 

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