Mahesh Achieves His Target!

By - September 28, 2017 - 10:30 AM IST

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Ever since the project Spyder was announced featuring superstar Mahesh Babu and directed by the genius A R Murugadoss, the combination set high expectations. While that may be so, there was also one common message being passed around, this was Mahesh’s straight debut in Kollywood circuit.

Grapevine was strong that he was quite particular about making a smashing entry and hence chose a societal subject along with a filmmaker like Murugadoss. The film has finally arrived and while mixed reactions are coming in Tollywood it appears as if Mahesh has achieved his target in the Sambar land.

Reports from Chennai reveal the film is getting a thumbs up and most importantly Mahesh is getting accolades for his performance. Most importantly, Mahesh dubbed for himself in the movie and audience was impressed with his Tamil diction. Well, all that remains now is for the film to reach a success mark and make everyone happy. 

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