Trailer Talk: Scary "Gruham"

By - October 11, 2017 - 04:32 PM IST

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The poster creates the first impact and the teaser gives you a light glimpse but it is the trailer which gives you complete clarity on how a film is going to be like. And sometimes, the trailers become so impact creating that you will be automatically drawn to the theatres without a second thought.

This time it is the trailer of the new movie Gruham which is going to come in Hindi and Tamil as well. This is touted to be a horror story based on true incidents. Featuring the southern stud Siddharth and the enticing seductress Andrea Jeremiah, the trailer has blown many to bits.

The horror quotient and the scary feelers were too much to handle for many and there is no doubt that this is a master horror treat. Overall, the trailer has sent a cold shiver down the spine for the Telugu folks as they were enjoying horror comedies since long. Let us see how it works in theaters though.
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