Another Promising Film From Antony!

By - October 12, 2017 - 02:41 PM IST

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You can gauge the potential of a film when you see the trailer. Of course, there are also times when only trailers are good while the films are trash but the major percentage of them happens to be in sync. This time, the trailer of one movie has conveyed clearly that it is a promising film.

The movie is Indrasena and this has the Tamil actor Vijay Antony of Bichchagadu fame as the hero. Those who have seen the trailer have understood this is yet another no-nonsense movie which revolves around politics, betrayal and how the hero bounces back with a bang.
The technical standards and the background score have also elevated the range of the film and since the content looks engaging the overall product looks promising. Vijay could not deliver a success with his last venture Yaman so let us wait to see how the Telugu audience will receive him this time.

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