Mrs Arjun Reddy Goes Hot?

By - October 13, 2017 - 10:38 AM IST

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The impact of cinema can be so strong on our minds that sometimes we tend to remember the actor and actresses for their onscreen roles with their names. The latest to join that club is Shalini Pandey who is being called as Mrs Arjun Reddy. She was a silent killer in the movie in terms of performance.


Thanks to that, Shalini is currently being flooded with several offers not just in Telugu but as well as Tamil and Malayalam. Now, the big question coming up is, will Shalini go glamorous and would she be interested in doing masala roles like sugary romance stuff, running behind the trees in songs.


Most importantly, how comfortable would she be in terms of skin show. Of course, Shalini scored a record in terms of the lip kisses she had. When she can do that in a conventional circuit like Tollywood, we don’t think she should have any hang-ups for going hot.


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