Dil Raju In Embarrassment!

By - October 21, 2017 - 06:27 PM IST

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Based on their success stories and the decisions they make you tend to develop respect and regard for few people. In that situation, one hasty move from them can change your perspective completely and sometimes puts you in a surprise. Here is one such incident which has become a topic of discussion.

The man with the golden hand Dil Raju is known to be an excellent judge of scripts and a master of coming up with good combinations and sensible budgets. However, he took many by surprise when he was seen in Chennai along with Universal Star Kamal Haasan and showman of the south Shankar.

Few days ago Dil Raju announced he would be producing Bharateeyudu 2 with Kamal and Shankar. However, the latest update is that Dil Raju has now backed out citing the project is not financially viable. Some are saying he is now in a bit of embarrassing situation owing to this hasty act of announcing and then backing off.

Well sources close to Dil Raju clears out all these rumors are fake and Dil Raju is very much producing this prestigious film Bharateeyudu 2. 

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