Condom Ad Makes Her Re-Popular

By - October 25, 2017 - 10:34 AM IST

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The most important ingredient for you to grab more opportunities in the entertainment industry is your popularity quotient. Hence, there are many celebrities who keep doing their best to stay in the limelight so that their brand value is intact and the demand is also consistent.

However, given the plethora of actresses in the circuit many deserving beauties go unnoticed quickly. This trend is more in Bollywood where new faces arrive every other day. Amidst that challenge, one hot actress has suddenly bounced back to find her place in the spotlight.

She is none other than the dusky Bengali bombshell Bipasha Basu. For a long time Bipasha was the sex symbol and did quite a few movies as a heroine. Her sheen faded soon but now she is back in the form of a condom ad. Bipasha paired up with her real life hubby Karan Singh Grover for this ad and this video has become very viral. Welcome back Bips!

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