Congress Ticket For Prakash Raj

By - October 25, 2017 - 10:52 AM IST

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Once you establish yourself as a sought after artist you can be rest assured that you have opened the door for an alternative career, politics. Irrespective of how much public service you will do, if you take a plunge into politics, your cinema glamour will ensure you will be put to power at least for one term.

You would have noticed many film personalities entering politics at one point. On the other hand, even the political entities also tend to woo the film celebs. In lieu of that, grapevine is now making rounds that the powerhouse performer has been approached by the Congress party.

Lately it is being noticed that Prakash Raj has been questioning the BJP government on various issues through his social media handle. Given his fearless approach and sensible questioning, Congress feels he would be a very valuable asset hence sources say the ticket is almost confirmed. We have to see whether Prakash accepts this or not.

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