Rajinikanth's Clarity When Abroad

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You could be visiting or staying in any part of the world but your real mettle is seen when you are able to preserve your identity no matter the environment. This is a rare quality among few individuals and top in that list is Style Samrat Rajnikanth. He has always set an example in public.

This time, he has shown his clarity when he visited abroad. Well, Rajini is currently in Dubai for the audio release event of his movie ‘2.0’. He arrived in Dubai and those who saw him were in awe of his total Indian flavor not just in his attire but also in his mannerism. He was doing Namaskaram as he was being welcomed.

The audio release event is taking place at the prestigious seven star property The Burj Dubai and Rajini landed on the hotel’s helipad and took part in the proceedings. Those who observed him closely also revealed how he had kept his fingers in a Mudra pose. That’s Rajnikanth for you folks!

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