Dream Queen Announces Marriage

By - November 11, 2017 - 05:05 PM IST

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The concept of having a favorite heroine is quite common for most of us and this place keeps changing from time to time as we grow older. However, there is one set of heroines who will always remain in our heart and they are known as the dream queens.

One girl who still remains in the hearts of the youth and masses is the buxom beauty Namitha. During her initial days, Namitha was a craze among the men and it reached the peak when a temple was built for her in Tamil Nadu. Now, this dream queen has come up with a very big announcement.

Well, Namitha is all set to start a new chapter in her life as she is preparing to get married. The man who stole her heart happens to be an aspiring actor named Veera. Namitha has given an official announcement about her marriage and the D-Day happens to be on November 24th. Wonder what must be going through the hearts of Namitha’s fans now.

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