Vidya Balan In 'Mental Madhilo'

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While Bollywood doesn’t really have anything to do with the south audience their aura and charisma always plays an important role in one way or the other. The common fad is having a Bollywood actress increases the brand value of a south film. But sometimes few instances make us believe a big Bollywood name is part of a small project.

The new release Mental Madhilo was so far garnering attention for the positive talk it generated from the cine folks as well as others. Now, it is getting into discussion for another reason. Well, the film has another actress named Amrutha who seems to be the surprise package in the project. For the moment, her looks are drawing attention.

Those who have seen her say she is looking like Junior Vidya Balan. As such, she was not seen in posters and it was shown as one heroine film. Recently, Amrutha grabbed eyeballs in the audio release function and sources say the second half runs around this girl only with lot of emotion. After the release along with Nivetha even Amrutha will also get good name.

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