Gossip: Tollywood Heroes Behind New Miss World

By - November 24, 2017 - 02:18 PM IST

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Though there is sufficient number of southern beauties you would have noticed that the Tollywood heroes have a strange fascination for the Bollywood girls. They could either be budding heroines in that circuit or beauty queens who have won some titles in the recent past. Normally, the list of beauty queens working in Tollywood is quite high.

This time it is heard that the hot target is Manushi Chillar, the Miss World 2017 who has become the pride of the nation. Reports from Filmnagar reveal two heroes are going behind her. One hails from a powerful film family but currently he is reeling under continuous flops. There is also another hero in contention for Ms Chillar.

He doesn’t have much background but he is quite popular in the circuit. Apparently, both heroes are eyeing Manushi Chillar as their leading lady and have sent their PR teams to have a word with her. However, the rationalists are laughing at it. They say she just became miss world so obviously she would focus on Bollywood right now and not Tollywood. That’s the story folks!

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