EVV Is Desperately Needed For Tollywood

By - November 24, 2017 - 04:05 PM IST

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There will be nobody among you who would disagree when we say that Telugu audience is a big fan of comedy and entertainment is major factor for any movie made here. Given that, even some of the big stars often have star comedians travelling with them throughout the movie to give that comic touch. However, one concern has risen sharply in recent times.

The quality of comedy has come down alarmingly and it is all about loud mouthed and accent driven lines and nothing more. Many are now saying that someone like EVV Satyanarayana is much needed for Tollywood now. His movies had hilarious humour and the quality of comedy was just like how the legendary Jandhyala’s movies were.

But now that kind of comedy is not there. Director Bheemaneni is trying from his end but it is not working yet. There is a common opinion that original EVV movies should come as Telugu audience are not getting native comedy flavor. Well, only time will reveal who can become the apt successor for the unforgettable EVV.

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