Varsham Combo Again!!

By - November 28, 2017 - 12:12 PM IST

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The very mention of a multi-starrer raises the excitement and interest levels of all of you and if it involves big names it is certainly a moment to relish. In the recent past, the number of multi-starrers has risen gradually and it is a good sign to see the big boys of Tollywood coming forward to share the screen space and entertain the public.

At a time like this expecting young rebel star Prabhas to do a multi-starrer is certainly a fantastic thought. Akin to that, a grapevine has begun to make rounds that Prabhas might just rub shoulders with none other than aggressive star Gopichand. Well, the duo happens to be thick buddies off the screen.

It is known that many years ago both Prabhas and Gopichand were at loggerheads in the movie Varsham which became a very big hit. For now, it is heard that though both are keen to work together, they are unable to get the right kind of script. In case there are any talented story writers among you, this could be your best chance.

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