Raashi's Smart Brains!

By - November 28, 2017 - 04:32 PM IST

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The normal mistake you would do once attaining fame and success is thinking that anything you do would be accepted by the audience. It used to happen sometime ago but not anymore. Audience has become very aware and clear about what they want so your choice of movies has to be sensible or else your career will go downhill within no time.

The cutie beauty Raashi Khanna started her career in a slow way but within no time she picked up speed and today she is a sought after starlet. It is heard that the pretty lady has got a smart strategy behind her career. Unlike many actresses who stick to glamour or performance as their strength, Raashi is going for movies which appeal to all.

She strongly believes that her roles should be able to connect with audience of all genres and only then the adulation and patronization will sustain. That way, she is choosing only those stories which have such ingredients. Well, this is indeed a smart move by Raashi and it would certainly take her to the big league very soon.

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