Big Boss Or Bluff Master?

By - December 03, 2017 - 03:34 PM IST

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Today you might relate the word Bigg Boss to young tiger Junior NTR as he hosted this successful reality show on TV but prior to his arrival the only big boss all of us knew was mighty heart Salman Khan from Bollywood. His presence created that extravagant hype for the show and even today Salman is called as Big Boss in few instances.

However, the statement he gave recently raised eyebrows. Apparently, Salman was part of the HT Leadership Summit in New Delhi when the topic of casting couch in Bollywood was brought up. Responding to this, Salman reportedly said no one has ever confirmed about it and till date he has never heard anyone speaking about it.

Well, those who heard this say it is more like a bluffing statement than something honest. It is a known news that open discussion happens in the industry about casting couch and there are also those actors and actresses who have spoken about it in front of media. Given that, something like this coming from Salman is rather weird.