To Meet Ex-Husband One Needs Maturity

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The foundation for any relationship is trust and the will to protect it no matter what. This is much more needed when the relationship happens to be your spouse. There was a time when people went out of the way to preserve that relation but these days the ratio of divorces and separations is higher than actual marriages.

Most of the divorces that happen spill bad blood wherein things go to the matter of court or the cops. Also, once the divorce is given the husband and wife don’t even look at each other and the bitterness continues for a long time. While that has been the trend, one former couple has shown immense maturity and sensibility.

We are talking about the Bollywood folks, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and the French beauty Kalki Koechlin. It is known that they had a love marriage in 2011 but got separated in four years. Recently Kalki went and met Anurag and both spent long hours. This picture went viral on the internet. Let us wish the public takes a leaf out of these two.

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