Biggest Mistake In Film Industry

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Every step you take in the film industry as a director needs to be done with caution till you enter into the big league. It is true that desperation to get going with the project drives you to take some decisions but they can end up as the biggest mistake. This is being noticed now by many directors and other aspirants.

Ideally, they should secure producers but instead, they are saying “Put your money in the film, it won’t go anywhere, I will return it once the movie release.” As a result, the potential producers are arriving as investors and liabilities are increasing. Due to such goof-ups, many directors are also ending up in a financial mess.

As such, the producer should be genuinely interested in putting money preparing for the risk. Instead, if you think that your story would work as a director and create financiers it will only lead to tensions and liabilities in your life. Lately, many such cases have happened in the Filmnagar circuit so let us wish wisdom prevails upon them. 

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