Pawan Kalyan Needs More Preparation

By - December 08, 2017 - 12:14 PM IST

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It doesn’t matter which profession or path you take up, the most important thing here is the preparation and if you are involved in something very public like politics, you have to be double prepared and cautious about what you speak when in the presence of people and media. Power star Pawan Kalyan seems to be a newbie in that.

It is known that Pawan has been coming up with political meetings at various places and this time he took a dig at the YSRCP boss Jaganmohan Reddy which is getting a strong counter-attack. The political analysts are saying while they appreciate Pawan’s honesty and straightforwardness, he needs to be more careful about what he speaks.

They add that if Pawan talks whatever he wants he will face retaliation like how he is facing from another actress and politician Roja. So, it is necessary for him to be careful about what he speaks and focus more on statistics and data before criticizing any political party. Well, he just started so it won’t be long before he will get seasoned.

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