Pawan Kalyan Copying Vundavalli?

By - December 08, 2017 - 04:20 PM IST

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Like we have been mentioning since a while, all of you need to prepare yourself to see power star Pawan Kalyan more as a political leader than a film star because his activities towards politics have increased in the recent past. His public appearances are more for questioning the governments on public issues and this has already revealed something.

Some of the political analysts are saying Pawan has copied the path of the Congress intellectual Vundavalli Arun Kumar. The ideas and issues raised by Vundavalli are being implemented by Pawan. The latest from that happen to be Pawan’s visit to the Polavaram project and his barrage of questions to the government through media.

It is heard that Vundavalli comes up with various topics and issues in something called East News web channel so Pawan is taking the gist from that. Him asking about the expenditure on Polavaram project and demanding a white paper is something Vundavalli did many times. Let us wait to see if Pawan comes up with something different soon.

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