Opening Weekend BO Report

By - December 17, 2017 - 05:44 PM IST

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Normally we provide you with an update on what is happening at the box office one week after the film releases but this time we are coming up with the fresh reports of the releases which took place yesterday. Incidentally, there are not one or two but a total of thirteen movies which hit the marquee so it prompted us to take stock.

Though the quantity is enormous the latest statistics reveal none among these contenders have managed to catch the attention of the audience. Reports from various collection centers reveal the openings have been way below average for all the movies and none of them could raise the heat at the box office.

As for the last week releases, Malli Raava featuring the soft spoken hero Sumanth is unable to get the momentum despite having every ingredient to become a success. Overall, even the fresh releases have turned out to be a disappointment so we can only hope things will improve once the big movies like Hello and MCA arrive.

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