Nani Tsunami And Akhil Toofan

By - December 18, 2017 - 10:09 AM IST

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You have seen how Tollywood has been scrambling for success since the last few months because the number of releases has been plenty but none of them got converted into a success at the box office. As the year is coming to an end the industry is keen to have a positive end their hopes lie pinned on two big movies.

First on the list is Hello featuring Akkineni Prince Akhil and the second is ‘MCA’ featuring Natural Star Nani. Both are having December 22nd and 21st release respectively and the trade pundits are predicting that the collections would be very good. Another evidence to that is the strong advance booking trend being seen. While it is clear that Nani is an established star and on the other hand, Akhil is yet to make his own mark. 

Expectations are on rife, and the movie analysts believe that Nani would dominate Akhil at the box-office. But, in reality, Hello has got a good pre-release talk when compared to MCA. Nani has fallen into a monotonous circle and hence, Hello might dominate MCA at the box-office too. 

Sites like Book My Show are indicating the footfalls are very high and all theatres have begun to show housefull for many shows. So, it is clear that the openings are going to be huge. And if the films manage to get even above average talk, the audience would ensure the film would reach the blockbuster mark without glitches. Get set for the storms folks!

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