Flop Actress In Affair With Top Hero

By - December 18, 2017 - 11:30 AM IST

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You tend to hear about a lot of affairs when you are in college but once you reach the professional level, that becomes very remote. But then there is one industry wherein there is no flavor without an affair. We are talking about the film industry and though much of it is rumor or gossip, affairs do happen in the circuit especially among the artists.

Tollywood has been quite reserved on this front but lately, many such instances are getting leaked. This time, we hear about a flop actress involving with a top hero. As such, she is extremely beautiful with fairly good performance quotient but for some reason, she is not getting offers. Hence, she is doing few on and off itsy bitsy roles.

But now her name has begun to ring in the ears of many and the reason for that is her affair with a top hero. Of course, given the stature of the hero and the consequences she would face if the matter comes out, the starlet is ensuring everything is happening very discreetly without much noise. Only time will reveal how long this will last.

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