Agnyathavasi: 2nd Big Film After Baahubali

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You can rest assured that it is going to take a long while before the place taken by the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ would be replaced by another film. Of course, there are many movies in Tamil and Hindi which are vying strongly to grab that place but as far as Tollywood goes, the first spot remains intact for this big venture.

So, the trade pundits are now talking about another first which is second to ‘Baahubali’. In this regard, they are now forecasting that ‘Agnyathavasi’ featuring power star Pawan Kalyan is going to be the second big film in Tollywood after ‘Baahubali’. They are very positive that this movie would garner the highest collections after ‘Baahubali’.

Recently the teaser was launched and after looking at it they are convinced none of the family audience would leave it and they will watch the film two to three times. Whenever family audience decides to welcome a movie it becomes a bumper blockbuster. So, it looks like Pawan is going to wipe all the slates clean when he arrives in theatres.

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