Prabhas's Blessing For Bestie

By - December 23, 2017 - 07:27 PM IST

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A hard fact that prevails in the film industry is, friendships and relationships are not genuine and they are very opportunity based. However, there are also exceptions and when the bond forms it lasts for a long time. Tollywood has quite a few buddies like that and one among them is the duo of young rebel star Prabhas and the awesome beauty Anushka.

They have worked in movies together and have a strong friendship which was also misinterpreted as a relationship. Anyhow, Prabhas has now come forward to offer his support to his bestie. It is known that Anushka is arriving with her new movie ‘Bhagmathie’ which has been in the cans since long.

Recently the teaser came out and got a decent response. But now Prabhas has specifically spoken about the teaser and appreciated the approach of Anushka who tries to do something different. From her end, Anushka is quite positive this film is going to offer a very different experience to the audience. With Prabhas recommending it, the film garnered huge attention.

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