Drunken Drive Celebrity Status

By - January 02, 2018 - 06:06 PM IST

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Maintaining a celebrity status is an art and if you have success on your side then you don’t have to put much effort. There are many in the cinema industry who crave for that celebrity status and choose different methods to hog the spotlight. Lately, the Tollywood celebrities seem to have found a technique.

According to some of them, getting caught in drunken driving is the sure-shot way to gain limelight overnight. That has become a celebrity status of sorts. Incidentally, the celebrities are completely aware of how drink and drive are not allowed and they also know how police do checkups in the Filmnagar area.

Despite that, they don’t hesitate to get caught by the cops. Point is if a celebrity gets caught a lot of Hungama happens and even the media folks are found on the roads. Taking acue from that, some celebrities find it as a matter of fame. The latest in that list is anchor Pradeep who got caught with a high dose of alcohol.

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