Mahesh Wants To Become MLC

By - January 02, 2018 - 03:26 PM IST

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You might be surprised as to what is superstar Mahesh Babu got to do with MLC post. However, the person in the discussion is Mahesh Kathi. In one interview recently Mahesh Kathi was asked: “It is alleged that you are deliberately attacking Pawan Kalyan as you got money from YSRCP to do this, is that true?”

For this Mahesh reportedly replied “ I really need money and if someone can really give me that kind of money I will take it right in front of the camera. If I am useful to them and they are useful to me then why not, I don’t have to shy away from taking money. Whoever is interested to give me money, please ask them to give me.”

For another question “How about trying for an MLA ticket?” Mahesh reportedly said “I am not expecting it. An MLA has to get to the grassroot-level and work with the people from there. I am an intellectual. I can debate in terms of policies and guide the system that’s all.” Those who heard this are saying indirectly Mahesh has hinted he can be useful for MLC and he needs money. Well, only he has that guts to reveal what he wants.

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