Homely Beauty Banks On Bikini

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It is true that you need to have your kitty filled with offers without a break as a heroine but in this pursuit, you must not take few hasty decisions. The biggest weapon for any starlet is her glamour quotient and sex appeal. If she knows how to unravel that in a systematic manner, she will shine.

The innocent faced cutie pie Lavanya Tripathi made a promising start with ‘Andaala Rakshasi’ and eventually she paired up with the likes of Nagarjuna, Natural Star Nani, and others. However, success has not favored her properly and the year 2017 was nothing but a string of flops and failures to her.

Now, it appears that Lavanya has decided to use her first weapon. Well, she was out on a holiday recently and she took a picture of herself sporting a bikini. This got viral and though Lavanya has given a back pose that has sent a strong message to Filmnagar that she is game for something bold. Let us wish this helps her in bagging few plum offers.

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