Ram Gopal Varma's Sensational Come-back!

By - January 02, 2018 - 02:43 PM IST

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Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma who quit the micro-blogging site-Twitter on 27th May 2018 has returned with a bang. Ram Gopal Varma who make quite a lot of controversies, left Twitter making it a big sensation earlier. He also mentioned he would use only Instagram and Facebook, but he seems to have changed his mood now. 
Varma left the note to his followers earlier, " My pleasantly unpleasant surprise is I am getting out of Twitter...To all my followers, no thanks for following me all these years,” he tweeted.I decided to speak only through pictures and videos on Instagram from now on". 

“This my last tweet before my tweet death..but I will not RIP and seriously work from now on @RGVzoomin Birth:27/5/2009 Death:27/5/2017 (sic)", Varma continued. 
Now that he is back, he tweeted saying he has taken rebirth like Jesus Christ. He wrote, "Here’s my Jesus like rejuvenated second coming on Twitter? ..Wish u all as happy a new year as every other bygone Happy Old Year", on a sarcastic note. Ram Gopal Varma leaves no stone unturned to make a sensation. 

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