French Director About Agnyathavasi

By - January 03, 2018 - 10:30 AM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan's upcoming movie Agnyathavasi is all set for its release soon. There is so much hype around this flick. There are many guesstimates and assumptions regarding. On the other hand, there is a rumor floating that the movie is directly inspired by a French movie.
The makers of Agnyathavasi neither declined nor accepted the rumor. In this frame on context, Bollywood production house T-Series gave a legal notice as they own the remake rights of the film - Largo Winch. Agnyathavasi has got clearance from the Censor Board with a U/A. 
In an unexpected way, the French director tweeted regarding this issue a while ago. Quoting an article by IB Times Jerome Salle wrote, “I think I’m gonna buy a ticket (plane first than movie) #Curiosity #Agnyaathavaasi #LargoWinch”. Must wait and see to know what happens next. Agnyathavasi is to get released on 10th January worldwide. 

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