No Tickets For Agnyathavasi Because Of Him

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You might be wondering what is the link between the magnum opus ‘Bahubali’ and the upcoming release ‘Agnyatavasi’. Well, it has to do with the tickets for this new release. Apparently, one man did the role of Sivudu’s father in ‘Bahubali’ and his name is Imax Venkat.
For many years he was the go-to man for the Tollywood folks and others to get tickets for the movie in Prasads Multiplex. However, recently he was arrested on the complaint that he has cheated a subordinate by having a relationship with her. As a result, he was removed from the job and this has created an impact.
For a long time, Venkat has been the central hub for all Tollywood folks for tickets and now it has become tough to get tickets in Imax. With ‘Agnyatavasi’ hitting the screens on January 10th the demand is extremely high and it is heard that the current team of Prasads is unable to handle the pressure because Venkat is not around.

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