Can PK Fans Make Him Chief Minister?

By - January 19, 2018 - 11:52 AM IST

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We have often mentioned that the bond between a fan and his favorite hero is beyond comprehension and they take things very personally. The intensity is so high that it is hard for others to fathom. Amidst that, the frenzy and craze for power star Pawan Kalyan are in a completely different range.

Given that, any of us would expect Pawan’s latest release ‘Agnyatavasi’ to bail out as an average flick despite all the negative talk. However, the first source of negative talk was the fans themselves, that was the heights of their disappointment. That way, they could not make the film a success.

If they decide they could have bought the tickets and made it at least an above average fare. Given that, some are now asking can the fans really come together to increase the vote bank and make their favorite star the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh? The question sounds very valid so let us see what Pawan fans have to say to this.

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