What Happens To French Director's Case?

By - January 20, 2018 - 10:35 AM IST

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The experience of the movie ‘Agnyatavasi’ is like swallowing a bitter gourd. It may have gone inside but the bitterness still lies on the tongue. Though this movie became a super flop the after effects are still on. One such issue is the plagiarism claim by Jerome Salle, the director of the French movie ‘Largo Winch’.

He has been coming up with few tweets so the question is, what is he planning to do. His latest tweet indicates legal action but those who saw this are saying he is just throwing a stone. Jerome knows he would not get anything. Many years ago, when the Hollywood movie ‘Independence Day’ came, someone filed a case against the hero and makers in Vellore citing it is his story.

The notice cannot be sent to the Hollywood folks because they are not in jurisdiction so they sent it to the makers office in Mumbai. The Mumbai entity said they don’t have any creative hand in the movie and just do distribution and exhibition. However, since 20th Century Fox had its office in Mumbai, the concerned representative had to attend Vellore court for various hearings nearly 17 to 20 times. Eventually the case got struck off. That way, international plagiarism issues don’t stand a chance.

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