Mahesh Kathi Withdraws Complaint

By - January 20, 2018 - 10:23 AM IST

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Time for yet another update on Mahesh Kathi episode. It is known that an egg attack happened on Kathi yesterday allegedly by fans of Pawan Kalyan. He complained at Madhapur Police Station and later withdrew the complaint. Well, here goes the detail of the story as to why Kathi changed his mind and settled things.

Apparently, those who did the attack came to the TV studio and even Kathi came for interaction. When asked about it they said “We don’t perceive it as an attack, it is just a protest. We didn’t attack with stones. We are not getting access to Mr Kathi. We wanted to speak to him so to grab his attention we threw eggs. He thought we are trying to attack him.”

They added “We are Pawan Kalyan fans but our intent was not to attack. We are worried now whether Pawan sir will allow us into the party for doing such a thing but still we wanted to speak to Mr Kathi personally that’s why we came. While sitting inside the car the noise becomes loud and car glasses were up. He was assuming we were abusing him. I said I am Satish from Qutbullapur but someone who took the video from outside beeped the audio, nothing more than that.”

Going by this explanation, Kathi reportedly got convinced and withdrew the complaint so all is well that ends well.

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