Another Heroine In Balayya's Fort

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Once you reach a certain stature as a hero you tend to change your heroine for every movie. The heroes strongly believe in offering some variety and not repeating their leading ladies is one such move. However, there is one senior star who is the most sought-after name among many heroines who are struggling.

He is none other than Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna. Apparently, Balayya has the habit of having not one or two but three heroines in all his movies. Keeping that sentiment aside, it is also true that Balayya tends to repeat his heroine if he likes her. You have already seen how many times the gracious beauty Nayanthara paired with him.

Now, some are saying another heroine might also find her place in Balayya’s fort just like Nayan. She is none other than the voluptuous siren Hari Priya. Recently, she was seen in ‘Jai Simha’ alongside Balayya and made her presence felt. With this, many are saying she will be seen regularly in his movies henceforth.

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