Kids For Maltova- Adults For Malkova

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Going back to your childhood days you would certainly recall the time when you used to drink Milk without fail and it was mixed with something like Horlicks, Complan, Boost or Maltova. In that Maltova had a larger demand among the kids not just because of its taste but also due to the strength it gave them.

Given that, the product is still in demand. Meanwhile, the line mentioned in the headline has become quite famous in the Social media circles. Well, you might understand the first part easily but come to the second part, we are referring to the adult star Mia Malkova who featured in ‘God, Sex, and Truth’.

This is a video which has been helmed by the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and recently the teaser was unveiled. Malkova is reportedly waiting for the video but before that, those who saw the trailer have gone bonkers over Malkova and just like how kids have this strong desire for Maltova, the adults are showing a similar feeling towards Malkova.

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