Character Actresses Earning Extras

By - January 23, 2018 - 10:50 AM IST

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Quite often when you hear of ribbon cuttings, celebrity appearances, and endorsements, it is only the top league and contemporary heroines who come into the mind. However, there is also another market which relies entirely on the character actresses and they are filling their coffers by addressing the needs of this market.

So, it is not just the heroines but even character artists who are in demand. As such, in media, there is not much hype about them but if you take a look at the newspapers especially the district editions you will come across the character actresses every now and then flashing for the cameras.

Incidentally, they are doing shop openings, boutique inaugurations and are also participating in school functions as special guests. All this happens at a particular rate so when they are not doing movies or have a break they are filling that gap by doing these assignments and earning extra income. Way to go ladies!