No Respect For Mere Producers In TFI

By - January 22, 2018 - 07:35 PM IST

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We have often mentioned that among the 24 crafts of the cinema industry the job of a producer is the riskiest and thankless. Incidentally, he is the person who puts in the money and is the father of any cinema but he is also the worst hit when the film fails to work. As it is, the success rate in the industry is hardly 20 percent per annum.

Now, another trend has emerged wherein if you are just a producer it is not sufficient. You will not get the required respect. Only if you have theatres, a sturdy distribution network then the respect quotient exists. It tends to be higher if you are a director also. Given these metrics, the value and respect are given to producers.

In case you don’t have any such thing and have just come with a bag of cash to produce a film, you are doomed. Producers need to keep requesting and they get sandwiched between distributors and the film’s cast and crew in a big way. So, in case you want to be a producer remember that you need to have the right power. 

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